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Posted June 12th

National Spirits Specialist

Nashville, TN

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Posted June 12th

National Spirits Specialist

Nashville, TN






55k - 65k


Full Time

About The Position
full-time position dedicated to brand building, education and supporting volume-driving activities
The Spirit Specialist is a full-time position dedicated to brand building, education and supporting volume-driving activities. A dynamic public speaker who can represent our spirits as a product expert and deliver key brand messages to trade and consumer audiences. The Spirit Specialist will focus on forming essential partnerships with industry influencers as well leveraging their existing relationships, and will be the expert in trade affinity, outreach and mixology. This role will serve to increase brand awareness among trade/consumers, drive menu placements, lead staff/consumer trainings, mix cocktails and feature brands at industry events. This position will be a spokesperson for the brand and play a crucial role in elevating the organization as an on premises company leader. 


Essential Job Duties and Skills 
  • Trade Education
  • Serve as product expert 
  • Educate trade, brand and distributor/broker partners 
  • Support sales division teams with distributor meetings, account training and trade events
  • Include mixology as a medium to reinforce brand message and quality
  • Help expand on premises culture within brands
  • Support secondary markets via market visits
  • Trade Outreach and Engagement 
  • Create unique brand experiences to motivate trade
  • Grow relationships and build good will with core set of influential accounts 
  • Inspire accounts and bartenders to become brand advocates
  • Assist in cocktail and menu development as requested
  • Liaison to key trade groups in local markets
  • Events  
  • Attend all high-level trade events and support trade, as needed
  • Assist in the planning and execution of national and local events 
  • Support trade events and initiatives 
  •  PR/CRM/Communications
  • Captivate and educate a set list of accounts through highly engaging and interactive presentations
  • Represent brands as an industry leader and product expert
  • Serve as the brand/product expert on the premises and amongst industry peers (media, consumer, trade and internal brand team)
  • Key influencer of networking and education
  • Brand Support
  • Identify event opportunities and ways to act on them 
  • Support trade programs/events with concept, promotion, recruiting and hosting 
  • Identify and help produce quality POS items for the trade
  • Identify industry trends and how to leverage them on the premises
  • Assist with drink strategy and cocktail development
  • Support new product and innovation projects
  • Help audit and manage brand training tool kits and materials by consulting and working with the brand, trade marketing and on premises teams to continuously improve the education materials 
  • Leverage relationships for product placements
Other Job Requirements 
  • Experienced bartender who is passionate and knowledgeable about all spirits and cocktail culture and education
  • Previous Supplier or Distributor experience preferred
  • On premises familiarity and experience
  • Clean Drivers Required
  • Able to pass Drug Test
Required Competencies 
  • Excellent presentation skills/ability to retain key product information
  • Organization, planning and coordination skills 
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written
  • Strong computer skills
  • Strong initiative, self-starter
  • Results and quality oriented
  • Respects deadlines and commitments
  • Clean driving record
  • Willing to travel when needed/requested (nontraditional days/hours)
  • Willingness to work full-time, nontraditional and late-night hours, as required

Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Spirits