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Posted March 15th

Field Marketing Director – West (Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles, California



SoHo Experiential, LLC


Promotional Agency

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Posted March 15th

Field Marketing Director – West (Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles, California




Senior Level


Full Time

About The Position
As the SoHo Experiential Field Marketing Director – West, you will oversee all experiential activity in the western region. Working under the direction of the VP of Field Marketing, this position acts as both a player and a coach...
As the SoHo Experiential Field Marketing Director – West, you will oversee all experiential activity in the western region. Working under the direction of the VP of Field Marketing, this position acts as both a player and a coach deepening client relationships, and contributing to the success of all programs through excellent event execution. 
What You’ll Do:
  • Set the vision for your team and be an active listener.
  • Be a leader in creativity and innovation.
  • Prioritize and manage multiple projects.  Own the process from budget and concept creation to event execution and financial close out.
  • Deepen and evolve client relationships, at a regional and national level.
  • Lead by example, as the Director of the West the Market Managers look to you to provide direction, troubleshoot challenges while executing solution-based, problem solving skills.
  • Work closely and daily with the NYC based Client Service and Production teams.  Collaborate with Field Marketing counterparts and Company Operations to identify needs, push back with logic when needed, and respond with deliverables when required. 
  • Budget management and financial auditing of event expenditures is an integral role in this position including: executing and approving bi weekly payroll; submitting, approving and auditing monthly expense reports for all direct reports (20-50 reports monthly); review of invoicing on all sampling event activity and incremental estimates.
  • Attend industry events and identify emerging best practices, communicate key learnings to the larger team and share that knowledge across the agency and implement it into your work.
  • Review quantitative and qualitative reporting by client to provide feedback and key learnings related to executional trends and opportunities.  Provide market level redirects to event teams to improve in market techniques and/or consumer sales approach.
  • Employ Quality Control Experience visits, 20% travel annually (minimum) to evaluate best practices and techniques for the ultimate excellence in execution.
  • Participate and contribute to agency wide training initiatives and client specific training modules.
What You Bring to the Table:
  • A strong event producer, with 5-7 years professional experience, who has successfully managed a minimum of five direct reports. 
  • Educational or career background that lends itself to field and/or event marketing 
  • A strategic thinker with meticulous attention to detail; the ability to understand the overall business and marketing strategy
  • Excellent collaboration skills and the ability to influence and motivate team members, especially those that don’t report to you 
  • Exceptional track record of leadership with a willingness to be a player more often than a coach
  • Have strong written and verbal skills, communicating across departments and with a remote team - must be able to engage a large team and be accountable to time sensitive deadlines
  • Ability to prioritize and juggle many tasks
  • You get personal satisfaction when cracking a tough problem and you are deeply pleased when you help teams achieve success. 
  • You’re an analytical thinker; someone who thrives in the use of data to drive decisions AND you know data is not the end all and be all. 
  • You will be honest and trustworthy; a respected member of the organization who leads by example, and who people enjoy working with. You inspire. 
Tools You’ve Mastered and Personal Characteristics:
  • Microsoft Office
    • Excel proficiency will be reviewed during interview process
    • Pivot Tables, Data Management, Macros experience (a major plus)
    • PowerPoint experience required
    • Word for meeting notes and agendas
  • Google Suite
    • Google Drive - file sharing, versioning and folder management
    • Google Sheets, Pages, Docs for cross-department collaboration
  • Social Media understanding
  • Field Experience – Real EVENT experience – You know your space and can see around corners. You have a track record of delivering creative and innovative solutions, often solving problems that didn’t initially seem solvable. 
  • Leader - You wake up each day eager to lead your team. You are devoted to getting it right and getting it done. 
What We Offer:
  • Work from home opportunity, remote office space
  • Salary to pay your bills, a generous bonus structure, and an opportunity to earn even more by bringing in business 
  • Contribution to a solid medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • A 401K program so you can do cool stuff when you’re old
  • A generous PTO policy. We believe in working hard, and smart.
  • A group of people who value each other as much as we do the work we create
You in? Get in touch. Apply here or send your resume to with WEST Field Marketing Director in the subject line.
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Los Angeles, California
Function Details
  • Reports To VP of Marketing