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Posted July 10th

District Sales Manager, DSD, CPG & Grocery (3-5 yrs experience required)

Boston, MA

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Posted July 10th

District Sales Manager, DSD, CPG & Grocery (3-5 yrs experience required)

Boston, MA








Full Time

About The Position
Achieve territory sales, merchandising and execution plans for a leading CPG Company!
Job Description
To achieve territory sales, merchandising and execution plans through effective training coaching and motivation of assigned Distributors.


  • Service retail accounts within an assigned territory along with the responsibility for the day to day interface with the bakery department at store level
  • Through consultative selling understands customer needs, business goals and objectives in order to optimize business results
  • Provide Gold Standard service to all customers; maintain a full in-stock position 7 days a week; conduct regular business reviews with customers
  • Knowledge of category/ inventory management due to the importance of freshness in the commercial bakery industry
  • Strong analytical skills (For example: volume forecasting for long weekends and holidays as well as planning daily needs of customers)
  • Delivery of consistent sales execution plans in a territory
  • In-Store Merchandising: ensure appropriate space to sales of products; adheres to company plan-o-grams; successfully launch new skus in territory
  • Participate in recruiting, training and development of Independent Distributors
  • Create a productive work environment through effective communication, listening, motivation, organization and follow-up through effective “work withs” and Independent Distributor meetings
  • The ability to coach and lead Independent Distributors to provide consistent optimal customer service and to identify and execute account development opportunities (For example: incremental space, displays, distribution and new product launches)
  • Establish, monitor and maintain service frequency patterns for all assigned stores in a given territory
  • Participate in route re-engineering for territory as required

  • Meet or exceed plans/targets with respect to sales volume and returns for the territory
  • Meet or exceeds goals for account development with respect to profit targets, distribution, promotion and merchandising
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Improved field execution through stronger performance driven Independent Distributor Network
  • Ambassador for Voortman
  • High performing team player

  • University or College degree/ diploma; 1-3 year consumer goods sales experience; DSD experience preferred
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (both oral and written)
  • Selling Skills: the ability to identify opportunities, set goals and execute against plan to achieve these goals
  • Computer Skills: proficient at Word, Power Point, Excel and Outlook
  • Supervision: Builds commitment and teamwork while maintaining a creative and positive work environment
  • Flexible and Adaptable: Open to new ideas and approached, can adjust to priorities as conditions change
  • Problem Solving: Proactive use of information and resources, demonstrates a sense of urgency

Ethics and Values

  • Adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad times;
  • Acts in line with those values; rewards the right values and disapproves of others;
  • Practices what he/she preaches

  • Can marshal resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done
  • Can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal
  • Uses resources effectively and efficiently
Managing and Measuring Work

  • Clearly assigns responsibility for tasks and decisions;
  • Sets clear objectives and measures;
  • Monitors process, progress, and results;
  • Designs feedback loops into work.
Customer Focus

  • Can formulate and deliver proposals to solve issues.
  • Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers in a timely and responsive manner.
  • Builds and nurtures high-quality customer relationships based on mutual respect.
Presentation Skills

  • Is effective in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small and large groups, with peers, direct reports, and bosses
  • If effective both inside and outside the organization, on both cool date and hot and controversial topics
  • Commands attention and can manage group process during the presentation
  • Can change tactics midstream when something isn’t working
Building Effective Teams

  • Blends people into teams when needed;
  • Creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team; shares wins and successes; fosters open dialogue; lets people finish and be responsible for their work;
  • Defines success in terms of the whole team;
  • Creates a feeling of belonging in the team.
Motivating Others

  • Creates a climate in which people want to do their best;
  • Can motivate many kinds of direct reports and team or project members; can assess each person’s hot button and use it to get the best out of him/her;
  • Pushes tasks and decisions down; empowers others; invites input from each person and shares ownership and visibility;
  • Makes each individual feel their work is important; is someone people like working for and with.
Action Oriented

  • Enjoys working hard; is action-oriented and full of energy for the things he/she sees as challenging;
  • Not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning;
  • Seizes more opportunities than others.
Confronting Direct Reports

  • Deals with problem direct reports firmly and in a timely manner; doesn’t allow problems to fester;
  • Regularly reviews performance and holds timely discussions;
  • Can make negative decisions when all other efforts fail;
  • Deals effectively with troublemakers.
Functional/Technical Skills

  • Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment
Job Type: Full-time
Benefits eligible upon hire!

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Boston, MA
Function Details
  • Reports To Regional Manager