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Posted September 18th

Account Manager

Tampa, FL


The company chose to remain anonymous

Posted September 18th

Account Manager

Tampa, FL




Entry Level


Full Time

About The Position
Job Summary

The Account Manager’s primary responsibility is to manage, develop and maintain relationships within our hospitality customer base.   As an Account Manager you will be responsible understanding the customer's  business operations as it relates to the bev/alc industry.  The Account Manager is responsible for servicing these accounts and ensuring the customer is aware and utilizes all current product offerings.  The Account Manager will also assist in selling new products and services.


·         Develop, communicate, and maintain relationships with existing customers

·         Understand specific operations of the customer related to their purchases 

·         Become familiar with every person within customer organization that is involved with any aspect of their purchases (decision-maker, accounting , IT , purchasing l, etc.)

·         Update records and databases

·         Develop procedure with customer to maximize trading partner relationships

.         Present proposals

.        Prepare and collect paperwork to activate new products and services

·         Coordinate with other departments to accomplish the work required to implement the sale of new products and services

·         Facilitate and follow up on the customer needs 

·         In addition to regular communication with retail customer, perform periodic audits & check ins to ensure customer satisfaction

·         Identify and elevate customer concerns to management

·         Provide status of activities, follow-up, and adherence to goals to Management