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About SkinnyDipped

About SkinnyDipped 

Seattle-based SkinnyDipped is one of the fastest-growing female-founded companies in the United States. Started by Breezy Griffith, her mom Val, and her two best friends Lizzie and Chrissy, SkinnyDipped makes innovative, low sugar, delicious snacks that are non-GMO, gluten-free and free of artificial ingredients. The brand has grown significantly since it launched at the Griffith’s kitchen table and is now found in more than 23,000 retail doors nationwide, including Target and Amazon.  
Our Mission 

We craft snacks that nourish the body and empower the spirit. We believe everyone deserves to eat the kind of delicious, nutritious and clean food we’re fortunate enough to share with our own families. ​ 

As a women-founded company, we are committed to raising up and supporting women and believe every woman can be an entrepreneur if given a hand. Because when you help provide education, opportunity and a path out of poverty to a woman, you lift her family and community with her.