LinkedIn is often regarded as the best social media platform for professionals. According to Hootsuite, two professionals join LinkedIn each second. And as of early 2019, 154 million U.S. workers had active profiles. Still, many of us are underutilizing the platform.

While it serves as an online résumé and networking tool, its value goes well beyond that. Take, for example, LinkedIn groups and pages. Chances are, you belong to or follow at least one, whether it’s an alumni group or an industry-specific page. There are thousands of communities on the platform, each with their own unique benefits for members.

Read on as we round up four different LinkedIn groups that provide great career inspiration — from getting rid of the ‘Sunday scaries’ to seeking career advice about raises.

1. Start It Sunday
According to a survey conducted by Monster, 76 percent of Americans report experiencing a “really bad” case of the Sunday scaries each week. Ironically, it’s often this Sunday anxiety that can turn a perfectly pleasant week into a stressful, overwhelming, and unfulfilling one. ForceBrands’ Start It Sunday campaign is setting out to change this pattern. Its LinkedIn page offers motivational content like startup success stories and expert tips for easing into the week. It might be exactly what you need if you’re one of the aforementioned anxiety-ridden Americans.

2. Heartfelt Leadership
In a world where getting ahead at all costs has become almost the norm, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the greatest leaders lead from the heart. LinkedIn’s Heartfelt Leadership group is on a mission to remind others exactly which qualities the most positive, significant, and impactful leaders embody. The group celebrates the best of the best — regardless of industry or title. Described as a “community dedicated to identifying, celebrating, developing, empowering, and emboldening heartfelt leaders to heal the world and then change it for the better,” professionals will find a wealth of leadership insights and inspiration.

3. Project: Get Hired!!
No matter how motivated you may feel at the beginning of your job search, remaining positive and driven throughout the entire process can be a challenge. And while it may not be able to find the perfect new job, the Project: Get Hired!! LinkedIn group offers interview and job search tips to help you stay encouraged throughout every step of the way. Even those who are happy in their current position can gain something from the group’s postings. Members are encouraged to ask for that next raise or share tips on career advancement.

4. ForceBrands Career Network
As “people for a hire purpose,” ForceBrands strives to transform the way employers and world-class talent make connections. With specialized and industry-specific divisions — FoodForce, BevForce, BeautyForce, and HerbForce — its LinkedIn career network group of more than 11,000 people provides prospective candidates and current professionals with career inspiration and employment opportunities. Consider it your virtual networking forum for all-things CPG.

5. CPG Jobs
Another fantastic way to make career connections, the CPG Jobs group hosts virtual career fairs, posts job listings, and creates networking groups to help connect top-of-the-line candidates to potential employers. Leading the conversation on CPG careers and industry news, every job in the group is active (no post is older than 30 days). With more than 4,000 members, this group is a great resource for CPG professionals at any stage of their careers.

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