Every year, Entrepreneur publishes their Top Company Cultures list to highlight the companies where employees truly love to work. These small, medium, and large firms aren’t just focused on turning profits — from the top executives to the newest entry-level hires, they’re all about creating an environment where people can effectively collaborate and leverage their individual skill sets to their full potential. Cultivating an attractive company culture means bringing the brand’s values to life.

Entrepreneur considers a few important qualities when evaluating company cultures, including connection, leadership, and engagement. Here are a few standout CPG companies that made this year’s list.

1. Cool Breeze Beverages
Cool Breeze Beverages is a small company with an international reach: they supply and distribute everything a bartender or party host could need, from frozen cocktail mixes to soda syrups to coffee beans. They also provide equipment and party props for any occasion. They aim to please with both popular party staples and unique products and flavors that you won’t find elsewhere. Cool Breeze Beverages is based in Tampa, Fla., and some of their major clients include 7-Eleven and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

2. Organa Brands
A small company based in Denver, Organa Brands is one of the top cannabis distributors in the U.S. Organa Brands was established in 2010, and today, the parent company owns five smaller brands: Organa Labs, O.penvape, Bakked, Magic Buzz, and District Edibles. Now that the cannabis market is rapidly expanding, their high-quality oils are in high demand. Organa Brands currently owns and operates the longest-running CO2 extraction facility in the country. Their core values include following the “golden rule” and embracing “good mistakes.”

 3. Fooda
This medium-size company partners with quality local restaurants to provide food services to businesses and offices. They also offer catering services for meetings and special events. Fooda helps employees save time and money during the workday. No more rush to spend a Sunday afternoon meal prepping packed lunches, or dashing out in the middle of the day to pick up lunch when there’s a major deadline looming. Instead, employees can relax and enjoy a meal at the office with their coworkers. Fooda is currently available in major cities from Atlanta to San Jose.

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