As more states move toward legalizing cannabis, the industry continues to expand rapidly. With that growth comes plenty of positive changes — simply put, the industry is growing up. Leafly recently explored these new trends to uncover some of the ways cannabis is turning over a new leaf.

Here’s how today’s cannabis brands are shifting the industry in a whole new direction.

1. Sleek Packaging
Packaging is an integral part of branding for any CPG company, and it’s especially important for cannabis businesses now that competition within the market is increasing. Brands need to stand out with unique, recognizable logos and aesthetically pleasing designs. The goal is to have customers associate their specific, memorable packaging with a quality product.

2. Makeovers for Dispensaries
Dispensaries are working to clear up some of the stereotypes that come along with cannabis by changing up their interiors. Some are bringing in local artists to spruce up their decor and changing their layouts to make for a better customer experience. Dispensaries today are proving that they can be beautiful, welcoming, and functional spaces.

3. Precise Classification
In the past, simply differentiating between indica and sativa was the primary method used to assess the physical effects of a particular strain. Now, dispensary employees are much more knowledgeable about a strain’s exact cannabinoid ratios — they should be able to tell customers the percentages of THC, CBD, and THCV. This approach is more scientific, which helps legitimize the industry and make customers feel more informed about their choices.

4. Medical Marijuana MDs
It was once relatively common for cannabis-centered media and events to rely on risqué, gimmicky imagery to advertise and sell products. But in the spirit of professionalism, medical marijuana MDs are now more representative of the industry, both in print coverage and at events. This is a welcome change that allows industry leaders to effectively communicate the real benefits of cannabis.

5. Healthier Edibles
The shift toward clean eating and more personalized diets isn’t just changing the food industry — it’s also making an impact on the cannabis industry. For some, edibles aren’t just an occasional treat. They can also be taken regularly for medical purposes, so it’s only natural that some people would rather have healthier options than brownies or cookies packed with refined sugar. Now, cannabis brands are creating edibles to suit plenty of dietary needs, including organic, gluten-free, and vegan varieties.

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