Whether you’re passionate about food, beverage, beauty, cannabis, or all four, the team behind ForceBrands’ popular job board are sharing helpful tips for navigating the online career platform.

Read on to learn more about how you can leverage the job board to easily find the jobs that interest you most.

1. Create Job Alerts
The fastest and easiest way to get jobs delivered directly to you as they are posted is by setting up custom job alerts in your profile. Be the first to apply as jobs are posted in real time. It’s a great opportunity to become among the first applicants for a role that interests you.

2. Sign Up for the Newsletters
Stay up to date with newly posted jobs, industry insights, and more. Knowledge is power so sign up for ForceBrands’ newsletters to be in the know.

3. Check-In
The most proactive job seekers are the ones who check in with the job boards on a weekly basis. Check-in at the beginning of the week to see what’s happened over the weekend as new jobs are posted all the time. Be sure to follow up with each and every response you get. And don’t worry if you aren’t getting responses right away — remember, the hiring process takes a long time. I can take up to eight weeks from the time a company posts a job to the time it makes a hire.

4. Follow ForceBrands On Social Media
Get social and follow ForceBrands across your preferred platform: InstagramFacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter. Employers enjoy posting jobs with ForceBrands to help drive their own brand engagement and to tap into our vast network of industry professionals. Bonus points if they see you actively networking as well. It’s good to be connected.

5. Do Your Research
It’s great if you get a call. Now go in there knowing everything about the company and have that job description saved. Hiring is a two-way street — show you’re as interested and invested in the company as they are with you.

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