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Posted December 14th

Marketing Manager for North America

New York, NY



Quintessential Brands Group



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Posted December 14th

Marketing Manager for North America

New York, NY








Full Time

About The Position
Quintessential Brands’ (QBG) world-class portfolio of premium British gins, Irish Creams and Liqueurs, crafted Irish Whiskies and award-winning French vodka, cognac, and liqueurs offer impeccable credentials and unique provenance.
Inspired since 1761 by our founder Thomas Dakin, we are dedicated to distilling and crafting the spirit industry’s most comprehensive family of leading brands and customer-based spirit solutions.  
To be a leading independent, international spirits business, respected for our enviable portfolio of premium brands and our world-class manufacturing capabilities. To wed our unrivalled heritage and expertise, to craft authentic brands and products and offer importers, distributors, and retail customers a world-wide “One Stop Shop” for spirits solutions.  
CAREER OPPORTUNITY:  Marketing Manager    
REPORTS TO:      Vice-President Strategic Brands QBA
The Marketing Manager (MM) will be a member of a global team charged with creating and implementing the marketing strategies and programs which introduce QBG’s award winning brands to American consumers. MM will be responsible for adapting and enriching the marketing platforms developed by an experienced and talented global marketing team to the unique requirements of the American market. MM will be a lynchpin between brand marketing and brand sales and will have the specific duty of translating global marketing strategies into the trade marketing and activation programs which support the activities of US sales team.   
  • To contribute to the strategic planning of a marketing program for the US and Canada and to adapt that plan to the overall operating plan of QBA.
  • To be responsible for the translation of the marketing plan into the activities and educational assets necessary to effectuate the plan in the markets served by QBA. 
  • To create and be responsible for the production and dissemination of trade marketing materials employed in support of the QBA sales team.
  • To assist in the development and conduct of brand activation programs.
  • To manage the sourcing, inventory and delivery of trade marketing and promotion materials.
  • To gather, evaluate and report on data relevant to the markets, market categories and dynamics of the spirits industry in the US and Canada
  • To participate in the development and presentation of annual and multi-year plans.
  • To provide QBA and the global marketing group with activity reports deemed at integral to corporate oversight. 
  • To assist the QBA sales group in the coordination of trade marketing and activation programs.
  • To assist and contribute to establishing a healthy, respectful and appreciated relationship between QBA and its customers, corporate partners, vendors and business associates.
  • To at all times project and demonstrate QBA’s commitment to professional competency, integrity and purpose.
  • To foster a congenial, professional and rewarding environment among team associates
  • Cost effective management of company assets, including sales and marketing spend, travel and entertainment expenses and company promotional materials and samples
  • Four years of marketing experience in the US spirits industry, or four years of agency experience in service of a spirit industry client(s). 
  • An undergraduate degree in marketing, communication or business administration, or equivalent participation in post high school educational programs directed to adverting, graphic arts, film and photography, writing or other subject matter relevant to marketing and communication skill development. 
  • Apparent and experienced public speaking and presentation skills. 
  • Comprehensive skills with Excel, Word and PowerPoint are required.  
  • Direct experience in a brand management position
  • Direct experience in the spirits industry, including service as a bartender, server or service manager
  • Direct experience in a sales or customer service capacity.
  • Knowledge of the three-tier system and the complex Federal, state and local regulations and customs that govern the spirits industry
  • Prior experience in the preparation of annual plans, multiyear planning documents, sales plans, business pro forma or other detailed business plans 
  • Prior business experience in a non-marketing position
  • Experience attesting to analytical skills and problems solving
  • Experience attesting to team participation and leadership
Who you are as a person is important to us. We will be working together to achieve shared goals. Your personality, enthusiasm and self-view matters to us. We are a growing company in search of associates who share our ambitions and who want to be a part of a dynamic organization committed to the integrity of its products and services and the satisfaction of its customers. QBG is not standing still and we want the members of our team to join us in always striving for a bigger and brighter future. Your skills will be respected and play a significant role in our assessment of your application. But your view of life, your abilities and your willingness to join with others in making every day an exciting journey into the future are just as important. 
LOCATION: Dallas, Texas or New York Metropolitan area 
Travel: Some travel will be required. 
COMPENSATION:  Interview dependent. Includes health and life-insurance, retirement benefits and an individualized incentive program. This is a growth position. 
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New York, NY
Function Details
  • Reports To Vice President Strategic Brands