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Posted May 21st

Field Sales Representative for Specialty Produce Company

Trenton, New Jersey

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Posted May 21st

Field Sales Representative for Specialty Produce Company

Trenton, New Jersey




Entry Level




Full Time

About The Position
Blue Moon Acres is currently seeking to fill a full-time sales representative position at our family- run Pennington, NJ farm. Over the last 27 years, Blue Moon Acres has become a well-recognized name in the specialty produce industry.
Applicants should be:

  • Interested in and passionate about high quality food, customer service and Blue Moon’s mission 
  • Consciously promoting a positive attitude
  • Stimulated and excited at the prospect of joining a business in a period of growth and expansion 
  • Devoted team member who takes pride in the success of the farm          
  • Highly organized         
  • Of a problem-solving mindset          
  • Able to work autonomously and as part of a team        
  • Self-directed worker         
  • Of a competitive nature 
  • Positive, professional, and big picture attitude
  • High energy, enthusiasm, and excellent customer service skills
  • Articulate with excellent communication skills
  • Highly persuasive, self-disciplined, and honest
  • Extroverted individual who thrives in a fast-paced work environment        
  • Able to remain professional and effective in stressful situations        
  • Able to handle multiple tasks at once         
  • Able to manage time efficiently 
  • Able to problem solve with customers and farm staff
  • Able to manage time and responsibilities efficiently
  • Able to fill orders quickly and accurately    
  • Able to provide their own transportation 
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance
  • Possessing basic working knowledge of Windows, MS Word, Outlook
  • Living within 30 minutes of the farm



Duties include: 

·         Building and maintaining understanding of food industry trends by regularly reading prescribed list of industry magazines, food blogs, newspaper dining columns, etc.

·         Mastering product, growing process, and company history knowledge 

·         Identifying and pursuing new customers and new sales opportunities 

·         Developing a database of qualified leads through referrals, telephone canvassing, face to face outreach, email, and networking

·         Cold-calling customers to set up meetings 

·         Travel within, but not limited to, the tri-state area – Greatest focus on New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC

·         Traveling by car or train on sales visits once every other week or once every two weeks (varies seasonally) 

·         Speaking to customers about Blue Moon Acres farm, mission, and products 

·         Understanding and responding to customer needs    

·         Growing sales by gaining new customers

·         Regular follow up on leads and visits 

·         Meeting personal and team sales goals and objectives

·         Coordinating with sales manager and farm managers on customer requests   

·         Collaboration with sales team and sales manager to facilitate new customer setup and trip preparation

·         Working side-by-side with sales manager during training period 

·         Regular meetings with sales manager to identify leads, new customers, industry trends, planned trips and measure progress

·         Building awareness around competitor presence via conversations with customers and other research

·         Using Salesforce program to enter, track, maintain and log customer lead and communication info. 

·         Mastering knowledge and operation of Order Entry and Quickbooks programs  to facilitate new customer setup and enter orders

·         Participation in sales and production meetings        

·         Training of other sales representatives      

·         Conducting chef tours of either farm after confirming with sales manager 

·         Specific project management as assigned   



·         Complete paid training which will include job shadowing, instruction in software programs, and classroom-style training in office and greenhouses 

·         At least 5 trips to NYC shadowing a coworker in a field sales role  

 Pay and Benefits:  

·         $16.00/hr. base with commission 

·         37-40-hour workweek after training period       

·         1 week paid vacation after one full year of employment

·         3 paid sick days after one full year of employment

·         Free produce to take home and enjoy 2 days/wk.
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Trenton, New Jersey
Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Sales and Marketing