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Posted March 1st

Education & Training Manager

Denver, CO

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Posted March 1st

Education & Training Manager

Denver, CO






Full Time

About The Position
An incredible opportunity for a gifted educator and storyteller to lead a revolution! Shining a light on a little understood category emerging from prohibition, to partner and guide audiences to knowledge, understanding and confidence!
Dixie Brands – the Denver based pioneer and leader in handcrafted infused cannabis products since 2010 – is looking for a consummate educator and story teller! A gifted listener able to absorb and synthesize information, to distill it down to its most critical components and re-construct it in a way that’s informative, inspiring and most importantly memorable. A talented individual who can not only craft the story but share it across a variety of vehicles – digital content, consumer collateral, sales materials, podcasts and of course face to face. Someone who loves to engage, to inform and educate, taking true satisfaction from seeing how their message positively influences their audiences to achieve greater results no matter what they strive for. The cannabis category is slowly emerging from lifelong prohibition and Dixie Brands’ Education & Training initiatives will play a critical role in guiding the consumer & trade as they explore their relationship with the plant. Does the idea of having that kind of impact give you goosebumps? Then let’s chat…

Job Description:
The Education & Training Manager is responsible for the development of all educational content and training materials for consumer, trade and internal audiences. They will craft the stories, distribute them across a variety of formats including live training sessions and maintain Dixie Brands leadership via a philosophy of continuous improvement. 
More specifically: 
  • Crafting the Stories
    • Working with consumer insights & the sales organization to understand the educational needs of both consumers and trade. 
    • Working with category insights, product management and production to understand what sets Dixie products & programs apart from the competitive set.
    • Crafting the stories - educational & selling content – ensuring Dixie provides relevant information to the relevant audiences in the relevant formats.
  • Developing Educational Materials 
    • Development of all relevant brand, product & category educational content with the needs of both internal (staff, sales + affiliates) and external (consumer + trade + agency) audiences in mind.
    • Developing information dissemination strategies, selecting the right channels & vehicles to optimize impact and effect of educational content.
    • Construct the relevant educational curriculum and craft &/or curate the required content.
    • Writing training modules – for consumers, trade & Dixie staff – that embrace the latest educational principals to teach, train and empower.
    • Utilise technology to optimize delivery, tracking & maintenance of educational content
  • Delivering Training  
    • Lead the delivery of educational content & programs via face to face training sessions and seminars for consumers, for sales teams, for trade. 
    • Design and execute orientation programs for sales teams, field teams, and budtenders.
    • Educate dispensary owners, budtenders, industry regulators, media and the community on Dixie brands and products as required.
    • Conducting onboarding training sessions for new sales and field team hires.
    • Develop ‘train the trainer’ programming to ensure the consistent and amplified delivery of Dixie educational tools across multiple affiliates & markets.
  • Measuring Effectiveness
    • Define success factors and establish related KPI’s to ensure content & delivery systems are optimized for impact and ROI. 
    • Build the measurement systems & feedback loops required to assess efficacy of educational content & training programs.
    • Adopt a test, learn & optimize approach, driving a philosophy pf continuous improvement. 
  • Collaboration & Communication
    • Develop curriculum and content proposals and plans that inform, educate & excite key stakeholders, the broader organization and our trade partners.
    • Work positively & collaboratively with key cross functional stakeholders. 
    • Act as a consultant to sales teams (Dixie sales force and budtenders) for challenges they face on the job.
Experiences, Skills & Traits Required:
  • Experience as a Retail Trainer, Sales Trainer or similar role
  • Skilled in project management with excellent organizational & project management skills with a high attention to detail and follow through.
  • Experience in retail cannabis industry a plus but not required
  • Availability to travel and visit our affiliate markets and retail stores, as needed
  • Ability to manage the full training cycle, including conducting in-person activities and using e-learning platforms
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to motivate employees to achieve sales quotas
  • Additional certification in training is a plus
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Denver, CO
Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Trade Engagement