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Posted January 11th

District Manager - Oversees FL, GA, & SC (Remote)

Tampa, FL



Hotaling & Co.



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Posted January 11th

District Manager - Oversees FL, GA, & SC (Remote)

Tampa, FL






Full Time

About The Position
The District Manager is a full-time role. This position is pivotal to the growth of the company’s entire portfolio of brands. Ability to manage and implement strategic direction is critical to the equity development of the portfolio.
Reporting Relationships:
The District Manager reports to the Southeast Division Manager and is responsible for training and managing two or more BDMs.

Key Responsibilities

Key Account Management
  • Responsible for achieving case sales goals, accounts sold goals and distribution goals, for both on premise and off premise business with all distributors.  
  • Responsible for reviewing inventory levels at each distributor on a monthly basis and making recommendations to prevent any out of stock situations.
  • Maintain a distributor control book for each state/market/distributor.  This book must include all records and material necessary to manage the market and the distributor.  
  • Recommend and develop sales programs, pricing strategies, brand profit structures and competitive brand positioning with your manager each quarter.  
  • Work with your manager on development and implementation of brand sales strategies.
  • Develop a list of the top 100 “A” Bars/Restaurants for placement of Hotaling & Co. products.  Review the accomplishments monthly with the distributor management.  
  • Present distribution opportunities, programs, and promotions to targeted off-premise and on-premise accounts on a monthly basis. 
  • Secure feature promotions in on- and off-premise consistent with field marketing brand plans. Sales calls may be made in conjunction with distributor personnel on a work-with basis. 
  • Conduct a minimum of two distributor management/field personnel work-with per week to ensure execution against promotional activity.  Insure that the distributor sales force has current Point-of-sales and is familiar with our web-sites.
  • Present/participate in team meetings each month with each distributor for on premise and off premise to introduce and facilitate execution of monthly goals and programs.
  • Put together incentive plans for your market to be approved by your manager.  Once agreed upon, implement and monitor each program for success.
  • Maintain a direct selling relationship with a minimum of 25 “HT” retail accounts to sell in against promotions and incremental opportunities in each major market.
  • Make appropriate pricing/programming and merchandising recommendations to your Manager for approval and implementation.
  • Ensure distributor execution as it relates to on-premise sales through wait-staff training, brand positioning and pricing, and off-premise as it relates to retail execution, ie; floor displays, adjacencies, cold box, POS, and shelf facings.
  • Keep supervisor informed of all sales and marketing related developments as they relate to the Hotaling & Co. brands.
  • Make appropriate recommendations to supervisor concerning the development of Hotaling & Co. brands.

Local Market Insights
  • Conduct consumer, trade and distributor tastings and seminars.
Relationship Development
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers (top mixologists, beverage and retail managers) in the market place to successfully increase sales.
  • Build distribution and brand recognition through working closely with each distributor. 
  • Make approximately 25 (+) on-premise and/or off-premise trade sales calls per week in appropriate accounts. Account mix to include established target list.  
  • Ensure distributor execution against promotions and defined brand standards through direct communications with distributor merchandising teams, district managers, and sales managers and distributor management.  Document execution and review with the manager who is responsible for our brands.
  • Build effective relationships in market with Distributor, Sales teams, targeted on and off premise accounts, and the bartending community

Distribution, Events & Activation
  • Be accountable for and drive distribution in identified target accounts
  • Execute trade, account & consumer samplings, brand building promotions, and special events
  • Help sales team secure premium/ target account back-bar distribution targets and secure menu placements to enhance consumer pull
  • Help source consumer and trade events to generate trial and awareness of our brands

Education and Training
  • Develop and manage spirits master classes for key accounts and consumers, ensuring we are top of mind in the mixology/ bartending community and within our top tier accounts (both on and off premise)
Administrative/Personnel Functions
  • Keep expenses within the established company guidelines and submit expense reports in a timely manner.  Expenses outside of normal guidelines such as expensive dinners need prior approval.
  • Read e-mail daily and respond to all outstanding issues on a timely basis.
  • Keep on top of all Billbacks and have nothing outstanding over 60 days with all distributors.
  • Maintain key account book/pitch book with current information.  This book includes local market pricing, sell sheets, account information, distributor information, competitive information.
  • Talk to your manager on a weekly basis to keep them informed on market trends, competitive activity and your accomplishments.
Qualifications & Experience
  • Progressive Sales experience
  • Direct accountability for results – goal oriented
  • Wide product knowledge
  • Self-starting enthusiasm with can-do attitude
  • Relationship development- ability to develop relationships and influence accounts, Mixologists and distributor teams and management
  • Passion and expertise in distilled spirits
  • Resourceful, creative and organized with ability to manage timelines and event logistics
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 5 years of experience interacting with beverage wholesalers
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Thrives in a fun, dynamic, fast-paced environment. Desires to make a difference, find innovative solutions while demonstrating passion for the brands to be served
  • Team player in flat organizations
Preferred Skills
  • Recognized credibility in local mixology / bartending community a plus 
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Distributor background 
  • On-premise sales, marketing or promotion experience in the local market
  • Existing relationships with top accounts in the local market
  • Clean driving record and good credit history 
The above statements describe the essential functions and qualifications needed for District Manager has been prepared by Hotaling & Co., LLC to use in planning, staffing, budgeting and/or evaluation of employees. It also provides employees with a guide to the duties they are expected to perform. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of employees in this position. Actual job responsibilities may change at management's discretion, without notice. 
Hotaling & Co., LLC is an at-will employer, which means that an employee may resign or Hotaling & Co., LLC may separate an employee from service with or without cause at any time for any reason. There is nothing written in this position description that guarantees continued employment. I have read the above position description and believe that it does accurately define the job. 
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Tampa, FL
Function Details
  • Reports To Southeast Division Manager