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Posted February 7th

Director of Product Management - Customer Experience

Los Angeles, CA

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Posted February 7th

Director of Product Management - Customer Experience

Los Angeles, CA




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About The Position
As we continue to innovate and evolve our digital experience to stay relevant and lead in a quickly evolving consumer landscape, we’re seeking a Director of Product - Customer Experience to help change an industry, and the food system...
Our people are our most valuable ingredient at sweetgreen - the heart of our company, the face of our brand, and what truly make the sweetgreen experience special and unique.

Since opening our doors in 2007, our team has been on a mission to build healthier communities, starting with real food. We’ve been unwavering in our commitment to scratch cooking and transparent sourcing, but over time customer appetite and demand for convenience has grown.

In response, we’ve built a digital business the dramatic growth of which is helping us to connect more people to real food through improved convenience and personal customization. And we’re just getting started. As we continue to innovate and evolve our digital experience to stay relevant and lead in a quickly evolving consumer landscape, we’re seeking a Director of Product Management - Customer Experience to help change an industry, and the food system, all at once.

Key areas of ownership include:
  • Lead product management, business development, and partnerships for sweetgreen customer facing digital capabilities, features, and experiences
  • Partner with strategy, customer insights, and analytics teams to understand customer behavior and unmet needs
  • Leadership and process management - intimately involved in guiding the process and timeline of cross-functional teams and 3rd party partners
  • Grow existing digital order channels, including order ahead and delivery, to maximize demand across all supply points
  • Partner with operations, marketing, R&D, store design and real estate to develop data-driven experiences that generate incremental demand
  • Partner with and lead channel and operations teams to grow digitally-enabled revenue streams and operating models
  • Heavily influence digital platform roadmap and prioritization based on evaluation of capabilities and features and their impact on the customer, operations, and business
  • Lead a team of 5-8 Product Managers responsible for strategic planning, insight gathering, data analysis, business case development, feature prioritization, and Agile / SDLC process management
Focus Areas
  • Digital Ordering + Delivery
  • Dynamic Menu
  • Personalization + Targeted Content
Great candidates for the position will have a proven track record demonstrating the following:
  • Analytical Mind + Approach
    • Data-driven
      Able to derive meaning from customer, digital, and business data and construct logical compelling business cases to support investment. Use data to inform, clarify and measure.
    • Business Acumen
      Understand business measures (especially retail KPI’s) and the way digital products impact them.
  • Process Management
    • Effective Team Player: Equally impressive strategic + tactical skills. Leads the cross-functional team to arrive at a clear and well understood way of work.
    • Agile: Experience working in and customizing an iterative product, design, and development process. Manages the roadmap and backlog with precision, negotiates trade-off decisions in a way that earns trust, and works tirelessly to unblock and maintain momentum.
  • UX Research and Design
    • Customer Advocate: Acquires and translates knowledge of customer behavior, wants and needs into thoughtful strategy and design challenges.
    • Enabler of Genius: Adept at framing opportunities for others to solve. Has her/his own ideas and works to enable others to challenge and polish them resulting in higher quality outcomes.
  • Passion + Patience
    • Digital Passion: A healthy obsession with the digital tools + technology that leads to new and useful ways to solve problems
    • Patient Leadership: A laser focus on getting things done, and an inspiring level of patience as you work through ambiguity. Ability to creatively solve hard problems in a fast-paced, cross-functional environment.
About sweetgreen:

sweetgreen is on a mission to build healthier communities by connecting people to real food. We passionately believe that real food should be convenient and accessible to everyone. Every day in each sweetgreen, our 3,500 team members make food from scratch, using fresh ingredients and produce delivered that morning. And in our local communities, we’re committed to leaving people better than we found them. We’re in the business of feeding people, and we’re out to change what that means.

What you'll get:
  • Competitive pay + bonus plan granted based on performance 
  • Health, dental + vision insurance
  • Flexible PTO, because we respect the need for work/life harmony
  • An opportunity to make a real impact on the people around you, both by growing them and by connecting them to real food
  • To live the sweetlife and celebrate your passion + purpose
  • A collaborative family of people who live our core values and have your back
  • A clear career path with opportunities for development, both personally and professionally
  • Our annual Impact Retreat offsite
  • Free sweetgreen swag
  • Complimentary sweetgreen
Come join the sweetlife!
sweetgreen provides equal opportunities for everyone that works for us and everyone that applies to join our team, without regard to sex or gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, any service, past, present, or future, in the uniformed services of the United States (military or veteran status), or any other consideration protected by federal, state, or local law.

sweetgreen participates in the federal government's E-Verify program to determine employment eligibility. To learn more about the E-Verify program, please click here.

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Los Angeles, CA