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Posted March 13th


Las Vegas, NV



Toast Spirits LLC



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Posted March 13th


Las Vegas, NV




Executive Level


Full Time

About The Position
Toast is looking for a CFO, acting as a leader and team player to oversee the company’s financial management, procurement, and back of house operations.
CFO Job Description
General Overview-
Toast Spirits LLC is an entrepreneurial, alcohol beverage company that creates compelling, high-end luxury brands enjoyed by discerning consumers around the world. Its flagship brand Beau Joie Champagne is one of the fastest growing brands in the luxury champagne category and is breaking all paradigms in the industry. The nine-year old company is experiencing significant growth, working in thirteen countries, expanding to twenty within the next year. The company sells both the “sizzle and the steak” with innovative packaging combined with the highest quality wine available. Toast has a company culture of doers, and allows professionals to grow through empowerment, encouragement and respect.   
Toast is looking for a leader and team player to oversee the company’s financial management who can take the business to the next level. The position will be a key member of the Executive Management Team and will be a hands-on with all aspects of the business. The position will also work with external service providers, investment bankers, distribution partners and interact with the Board of Directors. In addition, the role will oversee all back of house operations including- procurement, compliance/controls, HR and IT. With tremendous growth comes the opportunity to help set up a global infrastructure from the ground up, allowing for creativity and your expertise to have a significant impact on a dynamic company. 
Must have alcohol beverage experience at the Senior or Executive Management level.  A key to the success for this position is having “a spirit” where deliverables and getting the job done is more important than title.  Experience and proficiency with controls, financial planning and analysis, treasury, capital markets and general ledger management. You should be able to guide financial modeling as the dynamics of a fast-growing company requires this to be an ongoing process.  You should be a great communicator which is the catalyst for any lead role-You will be working across many cultures as each country has its nuances and requires thoughtful encounters with all you interact. The position also requires keen knowledge and understanding of distributor programming, rebates, pass-through expenses and tiered pricing with sales of wine. Past experience working in a fast-paced environment, and understand of the nature of a young, growing company will allow you to make strategic decisions to better the Company’s performance. Critical to be a creative thinker, and solution oriented.  International beverage importing and manufacturing and logistic experience a plus.
Reporting- This position is part of the Executive Management Team and reports directly to the President/CEO
General Responsibilities-
·         Create and manage a yearly Business Operating Plan in conjunction with input and data from the CEO, EVP of Sales and CMO.
·         Collaborate and manage the building of short and long-term financial growth plans with the Executive Team.
·         Develop and manage cash-flow schedules in conjunction with the operations of the company including AR, AP, Sales Spend, Procurement Cost Overhead, Marketing, Interest and other costs.  
·         Establish and manage a process to get expenditures approved by Company Executives based on yearly budget plans. Disseminate and oversee policies and process for spending by field sales personnel. 
·         Manage the company’s relationship with Factoring company’s and providers of lines of credit for the company to meet inventory procurement goals. 
·         Oversee a monthly reconciliation of AR/AP and work with Exec Management to insure spend is in line with business plan.
·         Oversee process of lowering costs in all areas of the business with Exec Management team.
·         Manage the company’s banking relationships. 
·         Establish International operations for the company in regards to banking, licensing, tax and tariff management, operations and procurement. 
·         Reconcile and close the financials monthly.
·         Work with Exec Management Team to prepare and present financial results for Quarterly Board Meetings
·         Hire and manage (outside vendors) to form a comprehensive Employee HR and Benefit program.
·         Work with CEO to manage regular communication and reporting to Investment Banking Partners and other Institutional Lenders.
·         Provide on-going recommendations on how to improve all back-of-house functions in order to be more efficient and save capital and increase profits.
·         Work with outside accounting and tax provider to prepare annual K1 Tax reporting.
·         Travel (10%) of time to facilities and winery.

COMPENSATION- Toast Spirits LLC offers its employees a competitive salary, performance bonus, healthcare, and opportunity to have flexible family time off.  Please submit resume and salary requirements with cover letter.
LOCATION- Toast Spirits Executive Offices in Las Vegas NV or Southern CA Regional Sales Office. 
Please include resume, cover letter and compensation requirements.
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Las Vegas, NV
Function Details
  • Reports To President/CEO